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Sell gold for cash: How to make quick money selling gold & silver in London? Is it possible to make cash without possessing any gold of your own?
Even if you don’t own any gold jewellery personally you might know friends or relatives who might own lots of gold and want to sell it, but have no time to find the right buyer.
You can make good money selling gold of other people in London.

Sell Gold For Cash To Local Gold Buyers
You can host a gold party at home, office, charity event and invite others to sell their unwanted gold, silver & platinum jewellery. There are gold buying companies in London that will send an expert to the party to have the gold appraised; and they also pay the party host for all items sold by attendees.
Gold Party hosts get up to 10% commission for all gold sold at the party.

Sell Gold in London – find London Gold Buyers.

Selling Gold Jewellery Online
Find companies that buy gold for cash, register as their partner and recommend gold buyers to your friends, relatives, promote them on Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter). Every time you bring a new customer – you get paid cash or receive cheque.

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Are you looking for the best place to sell gold in London, UK? Sell your unwanted gold coins, sell gold watches, silver and medals, dental gold, sell diamonds and scrap gold jewellery.
Sell any 9K, 14K, 18K and 24K gold, platinum and other precious metals, including broken and no hallmark gold.